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Detra Units

The Detra shelving system was designed back in 1957 and is one of the design icons from this time period in design and architecture.

The unique design of Detra only consists of four units – the wall rail, the underpart and upper part and the shelfs.

Still to this day, the Detra system is loved for its endless flexibility and sturdy materials made to last a lifetime and beyond.

The Story of Detra

The innovative and original Detra system was designed in Switzerland back in 1957.


The product Detra has a timeless elegance, an exclusive and industrial expression, which creates a special Detra universe.


The Detra product thereby creates a design classic with a focus on the Nordic modernist design direction.


In 2016, Detra was taken over by Zystm A/S and the production and warehouse was moved to new premises in Herning, where you will also find us today.


For many years, Detra has been used in hospitals, schools, institutions and other public areas. In addition, Detra has supplied furnishings to a large number of customers within the HoReCa segment.


We also manufacture special solutions for private and other business segments.


“ Most of us live at the bottom of a square, if we lay down the walls as an extension of the floor, we have a lot of space to live in by having a flexible shelving system from Detra. ”


At our showroom in Herning, visitors can experience our entire brand universe, presenting great design in many combinations.

If you wish to pay us a visit please get in touch via

Experience the making of Detra

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