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Make the professional workstation even more functional with Detra Flyver, which can be mounted under the range hood or elsewhere in the professional kitchen.


Detra Flyver consists of a shelf which can be used for storing pans, pots and other kitchen equipment. The aluminum tube on the Detra flyer can be mounted both on the front of the product in front of the shelf or at the bottom of the wall rail towards the wall. For whisks, spoons, palette knives etc., which are nice to have close at hand. The height of Detra Flyver is adjustable on the wall rails, which ensures an ergonomic setting in relation to the individual user of the shelf.

Flyver shelf w. rail

Colours: aluminium
  • - Shelf for pans, pots and bowls
    - Aluminium tube for whisks, spoons, palette knives etc.
    - Easy adjustment of the height on the wall rails
    - Easy to clean and maintain
    - Made from durable aluminium

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