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DetraSign Wardrobe is a flexiable and timeless wardrobe system, with endless combinations. DetraSign is a unique wardrobe system with possibilitites for an individuel and elegant look with diverse materials and surface treatments.


DetraSign is used in private homes, educational institutions, conference centres, hospitals and sports venues.

DetraSign Wardrobe w. hat shelf

    • Made to last – made in sustainable material in the form of aluminum and wood.
    • Functional and flexible wall wardrobe system with countless combinations and uses options regarding the choice of crate shelf, hanger rail and coat rack.
    • The wall wardrobe's crate shelf is mounted on wall rails and under parts, which ensures a extreme flexibility and numerous combination and application possibilities.
    • The wall wardrobe consists of different parts.The wall wardrobe's crate shelf, can i.a. used as a hat shelf, suitcase shelf and shoe shelf.
    • The choice of material and the surface treatment of the wall wardrobe ensure an unusually high wear resistance and a long life. 
    • All wooden surfaces on crate shelves are treated with a double layer of matt varnish, which gives the wood a nice and silky matt surface.
    • The combination of aluminum and lacquered aluminium, as well as oiled wood, makes the wardrobe appear very light and elegant.
    • The wardrobe is extremely durable in relation to the strength of the product in relation to weight load.
    • Suitable for hanging in all possible wardrobe solutions, it can be in hotel lobbies, bedrooms, hotel rooms and private wardrobes.

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