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DetraSet has 2 types of wall rails.
Rail no. 604 is used for traditional shelf mounting.
Rail no. 6044 is used for more flexible shelf mounting. 6044 can also be used for cabinet mounting.


End caps and cover profiles for the wall rails can be purchased separately

Wall rails

    • Only 25 mm between bracket holes.

    • The bracket holes are numbered, which facilitates assembly and makes horizontal shelf mounting seamless.

    • The bracket holes, in conjunction with the corresponding peg on the lower part, ensure that the shelves do not slide - even with frequent use or vibrations.

    • The rail opening faces forward, allowing for sterile cleaning.

    • The surface is highly durable and resistant to disinfectant cleaning agents.

    • The wall rail can be closed with plastic plugs at the top and bottom, and the rail opening can be closed with a covering profile.

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